Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Body Artists Compete on Syfy's Face Off

So the trailers are out for the Syfy Channel's hit show Face Off. The show follows FX makeup artists as the compete to win the ultimate face off in special effects.  Since the shoes inception last year when I am out working people ask oh do you know that show, or you should be on.... Well yes I know and love this show and no I should not be on Face Off. While I am well versed in the basics of FX makeup and can hold my own, and even teach classes on how to create basic effects and on prodcuts use, I am not up to pare with many a talented FX Makeup Artist. But some of my dear friends are!

The second season of Face Off airs January 11th and boasts 13 talents, artists with skills in make-up, and according to Syfy it will include a wide range of skill sets including prosthetics, 3-D design, sculpting, eye enhancers, casting and molding. Each episode involves incredible reveals of the competitors' finished work, and the drama (ahhh the drama, ya know you wath for the drama as well as the cool FX outcomes). And of course of one contestant each show is sent home by the panel of expert and celebrity judges.

Frankly, if you can handle the drama the judges alone make being a participant worth it.Syfy has  three-time Academy Award winner Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands) and Hollywood veterans Glenn Hetrick (Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files) and Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, Independence Day, Resident Evil: Extinction) as Face Off's judges. And that no small potatoes folks!

So who did handle the heat. Two friends, body artists Nix Herrea and Athena Zhe. Both are young talented artists, both are full of character and neither is too hard on the eyes. It's true these two are just too darn attractive! Go to the Syfy channel and read their bios.

 I will tell you about Nix and then blog about Athena in a day or two.

The first time I met Nix I was co-prodcuing the US Body Painting Festival and He was heading to Japan. I wanted in to make a stop at our event. I had at midnight let a well known, highly talented, face painter, who after having tipped a few, paint my face. I can not name her here as she and I both know any photos I am saving to blackmail her with and then retire on those funds! Just our little joke. I had on face paint that looked like I was a drunken, drag queen involved in a hit and run. I was talking about with Nix and he is there just as sweet as he really is and a real pro - staightfaced.  Suddenly I realize! Oh my face I not and Nix just bust out laughing. We have been friends ever since. I tryuely love this man. I have loved seeing him grow and cultivate his skills to produce some of the most stunning body painting images on the planet.

Here are a few of his older works I really love.

This was the first thing I ever saw of Nix work live and in person. He called me in to the photography studio at Face And Body Art International Convention where we first met, He had painted, with the amazing Kurt Drake of Wolfe FX, in UV makeup, And here Nix had these 3-D glasses. So here we are a large handful of us in this not so big hotel meeting space standing in the darkened room, UV lights glowing and we are all ahhhhhhhing over what we saw. Trust me when I say the picture here, while very fine, was nothing like seeing this artwork in that room. Even more awe (and for me) inspiring it Nix's noting this was his first UV body art.

Body Art By Nix, assisted by Kurt Drake and Brian Wolfe (master painters by there own rights) Photography by Rich Johnson and model here is Kelly White .

The first time I saw this -wow, I was so taken. Still am.
Body Art by Nix, Face Paint by Jillian H, Model by Defenz Mechanizm and Photography by Warren Products / Warren Bradford Whitmore.

OK one more I really love. Saw this as I too was dabbling in gold. Lovely.
This was painted at another Face And Body Art Convention.
Body Art by Nix, Photography by Shay, I do not know the model, but I check on this,

Wow right!  See more of Nix work at http://www.modelmayhem.com/701794.
Nix Body Art is for hire.

Nix seen here on Syfy also has a signature airbrush makeup and stencil line, See those at The Painted Navel Extreme Makeup FX.

Ok next post is about  Athena Zhe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teri Wyble Body Painting's Top World Model

Teri Wyble for the USA has been named the top model of the World Body Painting Festival 2010.
She really is a great model understanding how to show, pose and "wear" body painting.  In the words of the WBPF "What would be the photo without the expression of the model.  That's why each year we award the "Bodypainting Model of the Year".  The award goes to the model, that expresses and represents the bodypainting artwork the best".

Certainly Teri is doing something right,  in 2009 Teri was the model in the photograph judges gave special recognition to (scroll down to see that image and read about the award of 2009). She has the smile of an angel person, a very sweet person.  I am delighted she has been given this honor.  Here's Teri is in a photograph by Micheal Genswaider and body painting art by Julie Fuselier & Lorie Hamel.

A simply beautiful example of the marriage of arts in body painting - fantastic modeling, great photograph and amazing body painting artwork.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brian Wolfe - Monster Maker and Dad

I noted for some time I'd get back to this blog as I do so love sharing body painting with the world - save the creeps that steal my posts. Oh well.  I promised too I  would start with my friend Brian Wolfe as he had just been in my area and we arranged a great class and sharing time with a handful of northern california painters. Well....... He was back. So at least I am on this...................

When I think Of Brian - I do indeed think master Monster Maker and Dad.  Now Brian is talented in the use of special effects makeup - but I tend to think of him first as a face and body artist, then as one who also works in special effects.  Brian works as a solo artist but is best known for working as part of a team with his twin brother an equally talented artist Nick Wolf.  As an artist Brian's work has been featured in the most popular face and body painting magazines such as the current publication Illusion, and in face painting training books by the Wolfe FX and Face Art company, Diamond FX company and Impact. Good additions to every painters library.

And secondly I think of Brian as a Dad. He is a devoted husband and father.  And that solid home front is something he readily makes note of, it clear how important that is to him.  His family can be found at his side in full face and body paint.

As a body painter Brian stays true to his Monster maker roots. His works are filled with vivid colors and his works most often have just that edge of creepyness to them - or are just downright creepy. Always they are artwork that make you look twice.  Here are some shots I took when he was here last month.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Winners of 2010 World Body Painting Festival Anncounced

What a delight to see the amazing artworks coming from Austria as the 2010 World Body Painting Festival comes to and end.  And as I take delight in friends who have made wonderful rankings and wins I have a heavy heart from friends who have ranked lower than they hoped and worked for.

No matter where one placed the artists have created amazing artworks and all are simply amazing to behold.
  • Category Brush/Sponge:
1) Lucie Brouillard / Canada
2) Fray Scott & Madelyn Greco / USA
3) Utting Carly & DominicSkinner / England
  • Category Airbrush:
1) Kris Bülow / Deutschland & Patrick McCann / USA
2) Chris OBSN Oberheber / Österreich & Mike Shane / Luxembourg
3) Flavio Bosco  & Franco Vanzani / Italy
  • Category Special Effects Bodpainting:
1) Bartram Yolanda / New Zealand  & Alex Hansen / Brazil
2) Ludwig Decarli / Austria
3) Lorie Hamel / USA & Julie A. Fusilier / Canada
  • Category UV Effects
1) United Colours - Petra Tronser / Germany & Fredi Schmid / Switzerland
2) Anna Pogodzinska / Poland
3) Harald & Jaqueline Wolf / Germany
  • Category Facepainting
1) Millot Lymari / Mexico
2) Lucie Brouillard / Canada
3) Viktoria  Schablinger / Austria

Here are just a few more pictures enjoy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Awaiting The Winners of The World Body Painting Festival Competition

Everyone is waiting as the winners are soon to be posted for the 2010 World Body Painting Festival Competition.

Here is a photo by Ulf Schering airbrush painted by the every sweet and wonderful Lillian Hopman from Holland. I miss you Lilliana.  And one in classic brush by Brian Wolfe - see you soon Brian.

Please go to the World Body Painting Festival Official Pictures and enjoy the photgraphs taken by Ulf Scherling.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on 2010 International Body Painting Art Festivals & Gatherings

I have updated the links on the many Festivals and Gathering of body painting artists for 2010. There are a few events which do have body painting but whose focus is much more about face art, those are not linked here. There are a few smaller events and I will continue to add them here - but for now I have listed the major happenings where  body artists can commune and spectators may see and experience body painting at it's best.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ok So What Happened In Vegas?

I know your wondering....... gee Sweet Loretta what happened at the North American Body
Painting Championships? All I can say is what happens in vegas, stays........ Ok it really does end up on Facebook and Myspace!

I'll have to take my friend Craig's advise and "grow an ego" meaning I'll just have to get serious! However, I was not into painting that weekend, my heart was with my friends but not in my art - so I went and did my best to hold up the very bottom of the pack. If only the had been giving a finger painting award.......hey wait I do recall an abstract artist using real professional body makeup for the first time making it into the finals. I was the only artist competing who I heard say they liked the artwork... but see, so did the judges. Thankfully we do not all paint the same... now would that not just be so boring?

I was happy to see Scott Fray with his sidekick Foxy Moxy there. His work has a simplicity and to it, Craig Tracy called it tribal - not sure I can label it but it speaks to my soul. I really liked Sandra Gariby prelim artwork - very urban and very fresh - I knew her originality would place her into the finals. Of course there was so much more I loved. As in Austria more paintings in the finals there branding themselves - barf - love my friends hate it when they use this type of platform to brand themselves. Keep that at home for the marketing campaign - we get it! Give us your real art. I mean if you can only get photos here - then your not really doing enough body painting. Not all who paint bodies are body painters.........

I will say it was rockn' fun to see so much kindered talent in one place - as always a great group of amazing artists, seasoned and rising talents.

In all it was certainly a first event, some broken rules and a lack of follow through by the organizers, and as noted in another blog as there are politics in painting, no one wants to scold aloud a top talent, or point out that some noted ranking high again celebrity's again isn't really better than some one who ranked in the middle or that a new look albeit new - isn't necessarily good.
Ah art is indeed subjective - if you compete you must trust the judges and let it go, and if you grumble be willing to do so aloud. If you stay silent, improvements can not be made and we all lose. Growing an art form take - of god will I write it ... ok it takes a tribe. Be part of it in full it you really want to evolve... but I digress
..... and there were established painters who we don't normally see, who came out simply because there was a cash prize..... we all like money.....

in all it was simply a very good and wonderful event.

I've seen a few AP type blogs and photos around - but no better pictures than my friends and fellow artist Robbie Hay took of the finals on stage - I'll have to get those, but alas she is a bit computer naive and can't seem to figure it all out. I love her.

I will say the photographers did not show up and they - you guys really missed out!

Great art - my crummy pics - I always get to wrapped up to take photos! and I was dummping about 8,000 yes 8,000 face and body pics off my two computers and lost a few of these - but enjoy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well Who Do Voo Doo - We Do And We're Heading For Las Vegas

I spoke with my dear friend Mark Reid today as we continue to round up models for the North American Body Painting Championship. You can watch a live feed from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV February 12-14, 2010. Seventy Artist slots were open to classic brush and airbrush body painting artists to compete for $24,000 in cash prizes. The theme for the preliminary round will be "Around the World". After a selective process by the judges, the final theme will be, "Evolution".

An elite panel of judges has been rounded up Alex Barendregt, Founder and Organizer of the World Body Painting Festival in Seeboden, Austria, Raphaelle and Gary Fieldhouse from Wales, Raphaelle is a two-time winning World Bodypainting Champion. Flippo Ioco and Craig Tracy body artists and often judges at World Body Painting Festival. And Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe, popular face art instructors, extreme artists and 2009 winners of the World Body Painting Festival.

While I do compete I do so more for the fellowship and the love of being with so much talent and the sheer fun of the yes, stressful at times, experience. With so many styles from abstract to realism, while techniques can be weighed, and certainly some artworks are more intricate then others ....... there is no doubt it is all about art from the artists heart and soul, and can that really be judged as one being better than the next? No matter, it will wow you and make your toes curl - this is a must see event. Get tickets now!


For a bit of fun artists, models and body painters are invited by one of my favorite brands - Mehron Makeup to an Opening Night After Party, 10 pm at Rio Hotel. A Voo Doo Theme, which will feature Master Body Painter and Mark Reid.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010! Look Out The Artists Are Heating UP

Ok so it still cold - in fact I just read a facebook post from my friend Pam Trent who was chilly in Florida! Here it's cold but not exceedingly - enough to have my models standing on a heating pad at the photographer's studio - so cold is cold when your naked! So what do I mean we're heating up .............

Well if your a professional body painter you'll know that the art is growing and the bar for quality and awe factor is on the rise. And then too there are just so many artworks that no matter the style you like abstract, clothing, murals - you are gonna seen something you love this year.

And as I today received in the mail my Participation Certificate from the World Body Painting festival 2009 along with the Photo Award Catalog .......oh so beautiful..... I'll look around for a little countdown widget to the festival in 2010, the blogger one won't work for me!

Next month I head to the an international convention for face and body artists then to the North American Body Painting Championships and with artists coming from about 14 countries I be posting some, I'm sure, amazing living art works.

I am looking forward of course to seeing folks who have work you can see here 'cause we're a fun lively bunch.

Until then I am pondering who to write about........................

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pam Trent - A Working Artist

Today is my friend Pam's birthday, so this post is about her. Pam is a hard working artist, she puts out a good deal of the type of artworks the typical body painting artist creates. She paints for promotional releases, trade shows, charity events, all those "regular" places one might see body painting. And Pam is good. Her artworks leave aspiring working artists drooling. They seek to have her skills and they seek to have her jobs! She has been a true forerunner in this fast growing art form.

Pam inspired me early on to really become a more well rounded body artist. I remember having just been painting bodies in earnest for about a year and while I knew and had watched many known and great artists create in public, they were "celebrities" in the body painting community. I knew Pam by name and reputation, she was a mentor to many, and well know artist but perhaps not what one would call a celebrity.
I saw Pam creating this amazing artwork at a gathering of artists. There she was all by herself just painting away in this hotel lobby. I knew I didn't have the guts to be out there just painting as if it didn't matter - or even at that time the know how - I mean she had a beautiful model with these really amazing feather eyelashes - I mean where did you find all that!

Pam just made it look easy. She gave me the opportunity to meet so many more artists I met who inspired and have helped me grow my own artworks. Pam had passion and it showed and she has gifted that passion to many others.

Models love working with Pam and if you are a professional photographer in the Florida area (where Pam is now living) you will find yourself lucky to be shooting with Pam. Look her up at Way Wicked Art.

Friday, November 6, 2009

World Body Painting Festival Photography Awards 2009

I have prepared some posts on some great body painters so I will be doing much more during the fall and upcoming winter months, but....... The photography awards have been announced for the 2009 World Body Painting Fest - and two photos ranking #2 and #5 in the Classic Photos show he wonder painting by Mark Reid and assisted by me, modeled by the very talented Viktoria. Well worth your taking a look at those and at the digitally enhanced photos.

One award was entered in the classic but judges thought it to digitally worked to qualify. However it was the judges favorite and they awarded a special award. I am delighted to note it is my friends, artist Susie Peirce and model Aeir. The photo was taken by Thomas Froehlich.

Go see the photos at the WBPF web site - a link is to the side here.
I track down and add the winning photographers links too.

Here it is that special judges award photo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best of Special Effects World Body Painting Festival

Now the Special Effects Competition is mind blowing fun. Here's Ulf Scherlings images from the World Body Painting Festival. Se them all at http://www.bodypainting-festival.com/

Best of Airbrush World Body Painting Festival 2009

More great photographs from Ulf Scherling. Here are images from the Airbrush Competition. Again se all Ulf's "Best of" at http://www.bodypainting-festival.com

Best Of Images Sponge and Brush World Body Painting Festival 2009

Each year I wait to look through the "Best Of" images from the World Body Painting Festival. I love to to see all the artists with there models. The beautiful and wonderfully painted models posing with the paint stained and tired artists. Especially wonderful are the images by Ulf Sherling. Here are pictures taken by Ulf. Please go see more at http://www.bodypainting-festival.com.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Candid Shots From Seeboden

Here are some pictures of the back of the body art we painted.  And I take hat "we" to liberal use. I was humbly and happy to be simply Mark's assistant.  If I could help any friend win this great honor _ well what could be better than that.

And here too are some fun shots of work by the 2009 Sponge and Brush winners, Brian Wolfe and Nick Wolfe.  The first image is their prelim artwork and the second image with the dinosaurs and diamond is their final #1 winning artwork.  I love these guys,  I think the diamond was a bit of a statement, and we all have and get to make our own statements as artists.
One reason we are aritists and don't sell insurance! Brian and Nick are very talented with creative spirits and minds.  Their artwork was amazing, as were so many.   I'll post more soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun And Fifth From Seeboden

Well working with Mark Reid was a blast.
I am slammed for time but will post candid pictures later tonight.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The World Gears Up

Well the time is near and many I know are gearing up to head to Austria for the World Body Painting Festival. The Festval week runs July 13th thru 19th. There are workshops and competition, and side events with 40 nations represented.
This year's themes for Friday and Saturday is Poetry: the power of words and Sunday is Spirituality - beyond the physical world.

Check out more on the Festival web site


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mark Reid's Laughter

Mark Reid has the best laugh. It's real and it rolls...... and in his rise as a successful painter and instructor in face and body art..... he's laughing even more these days.

He is one of those artist that it just flows from him - a god given gift. And he shares that gift by showing others how to paint. Mark spent years a single dad, he has three children and now grandchildren and he had spent his fair time clipping coupons so yes he's due.

Years ago I took Mark's first class, then a year later I took another private class with him - and darn it to this day if I don't hear him in my ear as I paint....
I prefer to hear him in my head yelling .."Loretta...." across a ballroom or club crowded with body painters and models..... as I ever sooo slowing respond. I guess the superstar thing hasn't awed me as it has others. Mark is Mark, full of laughter and beautiful images.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Amazing Craig Tracy

I had a wonderful call today from artist Craig Tracy. If you love body art paintings like I do you can not but love the artworks created by Craig. His fine art can be purchases in his art gallery Painted Alive aka Craig Tracy Gallery in the French Quarter. If you're in that area it is a must stop place to shop.

When I first met Craig was able to spend a few days with him and I came away truly more centered as an artist, as I love to create body art paintings but too I love creating mixed medium artworks. In spending time with Craig who is an artist in his very fiber and soul I knew I had to find my real art, the art that inspired my soul and tingles my fibers.

He is not a humble man, he is outspoken and says it like it is. I like that. He is a strong man, a strong artist, a sensitive artist moved by the art of others and who lives to create and move this art form forward, for the love of art.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lest You Think It's T & A

Body Paint and Photography By Craig Tracy
Painted on body painter, MUA and model, Stephaine Dalvit with her new son Presley

So I am busy busy busy..... but too I have been communicating with some painters in order to post some info about them and some of their tall tales.

I had interresting talk to day with a photographer I respect. One who is a master at photgraphing the nude or painted body. And it is not about T&A and if you see some blogs aroound - you know that's for them exacting what the are using these images for The T&A to seel whatever they are hawking at you.

Here's am image I hope you love as I do - proving for me the art I love is really that - Art.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Festivals and artists

I'll continue to post abut the various and growing events and festivals where artists gather to paint but I must begin to show some of these amazing talents....... oh my where and with who do I start.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Across The Pond

Another great event is the Welsh Face and Body Art convention in where else - Wales.
A friendly bunch this event produced some amazing artworks and no doubt will continue to grow. They are set to gather again in August 2009.

Body Art From The Aussies

The first convention for face anf body artists in Australia was held this year.
Called the Wonder Down Under it sounds like it was a good deal of fun - of course!
Can't wait to hang and paint with these artists. Looks like we'll have to wait until September 2009.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Odessey In Face And Body Art

The newest event on the block is Bodyessy Con which will be held in Toronto this April.
Another convention for face and body artists to gather learn and share, this one will be showcasing some amazing talents. Be sure to come back in mid-April to see photographs of some of the artworks created there.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Not All About The Body

Most events where body artists gather to learn, compete and just plain show off are not festivals or all about body painting at all. Some are more convention-like. Currently the premier event in the USA is the Face And Body Art International Convention. The convention started in 2001 and continues today holding workshops and competitions for face painting, body painting and henna. The event is held each May in Orlando, Florida.

I love going here to see so many close and talented friends.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Canadian Body Painting Festival

A newcomer the Canadian Body Painting Festival will hold it's next event in September 2009, in British Columbia. Like the world festival this event host workshops and competition for artists. Model and Photographers join this event for performance living art.

World Body Painting Festival

I would be wrong to not start with the foremost body painting event on the planet earth - The World Bodypainting Festival.

Begun in 1998 as a means to bring tourist trade to the community of Seeboden, Austria the event has grown into the premier international body painting event. The event held each July clearly celebrates the art form in a marriage of body painting artist, model and photographer. But the event is much more it includes amazing special effects makeup, music, performance and a training ground and competition for those involved in body painting.

Now in 2009 enjoy an all new website for the World Bodypainting Festival.

I have posted a very few World Bodypainting Festival Hall Of Fame photographs painted by artists I know and respect, and who inspire me to create more. Please see all the hall of Fame photographs on the WBPF website.

Body Painting As Fine Art

In order to introduce you to Body Painting as a fine art I will begin with the various events where artist gather to create living artworks.

When one thinks these days of body painting they think most often of either trade show/nightclub women sporting corsets, jeans and jerseys or glossy magazine swimsuits - yes all painted body art. And while many of my closest artist friends paint corsets, jeans, jerseys and swimsuits..... as alas we must pay the bills..... many paint living artworks that make the heart swoon for a more colorful, carefree world.

So in the first series of this blog on body painting I will introduce you to the various events celebrating this ancient and emerging art form.

And I'll be a bit selfish posting mainly artworks painted by friends. As I move forward I'll feature single artists, as well as models and photographers involved in this passionate art form. Come meet my friends and join me as I meet new ones.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Body Painting How To

Come back in 2009 to learn how to paint bodies from professional body artists.