Monday, March 9, 2009

Body Painting As Fine Art

In order to introduce you to Body Painting as a fine art I will begin with the various events where artist gather to create living artworks.

When one thinks these days of body painting they think most often of either trade show/nightclub women sporting corsets, jeans and jerseys or glossy magazine swimsuits - yes all painted body art. And while many of my closest artist friends paint corsets, jeans, jerseys and swimsuits..... as alas we must pay the bills..... many paint living artworks that make the heart swoon for a more colorful, carefree world.

So in the first series of this blog on body painting I will introduce you to the various events celebrating this ancient and emerging art form.

And I'll be a bit selfish posting mainly artworks painted by friends. As I move forward I'll feature single artists, as well as models and photographers involved in this passionate art form. Come meet my friends and join me as I meet new ones.