Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010! Look Out The Artists Are Heating UP

Ok so it still cold - in fact I just read a facebook post from my friend Pam Trent who was chilly in Florida! Here it's cold but not exceedingly - enough to have my models standing on a heating pad at the photographer's studio - so cold is cold when your naked! So what do I mean we're heating up .............

Well if your a professional body painter you'll know that the art is growing and the bar for quality and awe factor is on the rise. And then too there are just so many artworks that no matter the style you like abstract, clothing, murals - you are gonna seen something you love this year.

And as I today received in the mail my Participation Certificate from the World Body Painting festival 2009 along with the Photo Award Catalog .......oh so beautiful..... I'll look around for a little countdown widget to the festival in 2010, the blogger one won't work for me!

Next month I head to the an international convention for face and body artists then to the North American Body Painting Championships and with artists coming from about 14 countries I be posting some, I'm sure, amazing living art works.

I am looking forward of course to seeing folks who have work you can see here 'cause we're a fun lively bunch.

Until then I am pondering who to write about........................