Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brian Wolfe - Monster Maker and Dad

I noted for some time I'd get back to this blog as I do so love sharing body painting with the world - save the creeps that steal my posts. Oh well.  I promised too I  would start with my friend Brian Wolfe as he had just been in my area and we arranged a great class and sharing time with a handful of northern california painters. Well....... He was back. So at least I am on this...................

When I think Of Brian - I do indeed think master Monster Maker and Dad.  Now Brian is talented in the use of special effects makeup - but I tend to think of him first as a face and body artist, then as one who also works in special effects.  Brian works as a solo artist but is best known for working as part of a team with his twin brother an equally talented artist Nick Wolf.  As an artist Brian's work has been featured in the most popular face and body painting magazines such as the current publication Illusion, and in face painting training books by the Wolfe FX and Face Art company, Diamond FX company and Impact. Good additions to every painters library.

And secondly I think of Brian as a Dad. He is a devoted husband and father.  And that solid home front is something he readily makes note of, it clear how important that is to him.  His family can be found at his side in full face and body paint.

As a body painter Brian stays true to his Monster maker roots. His works are filled with vivid colors and his works most often have just that edge of creepyness to them - or are just downright creepy. Always they are artwork that make you look twice.  Here are some shots I took when he was here last month.